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Holmfirth Forward, a not for profit company, has taken over the market license from Kirklees Council. The company comprises local volunteers who want to keep the market going.

Once the work on the Town Centre Access Plan is completed the market will return to the Huddersfield Road and Hollowgate area. The new market square will be a place for local people and visitors to come to. Back to the lively, thriving, exciting, bustling outdoor market we all want to see.

Jams and chutneys laid out on a stall
A line of stalls outside in the sunshine with tress behind them

In the meantime, we are operating on School Street next to the Crown Bottom car park. The market is open on Thursday and Saturday mornings.

Currently, we have a fruit and veg stall, as well as cheese, bread and fish stalls. If you are interested in having a stall, please email us at:

The market’s future success is in your hands. So please make sure you visit the stalls and support the traders.

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